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West Houston Firearms is a Class III dealer and manufacturer.

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West Houston Firearms now offering complete LTC ( License To Carry Handguns) classes 

Meet the Texas Requirements to Carry a Concealed or Open Carry Holstered Weapon.

DPS administers the Handgun Licensing Program under the authority of the Texas Government Code Chapter 411, Subchapter H.

DPS licenses individuals to carry handguns within Texas, evaluates the eligibility of applicants through criminal history background checks and monitors those currently licensed to ensure their continued eligibility.

You can start the process by Visit TX Department of Public Safety Regulatory Services Division Licensing and Registration Service Website:

First step is to apply online for License To Carry A Handgun Website: START YOUR APPLICATION HERE and pay the required fee.

All Original License To Carry a Handgun (LTC) applicants are required to submit fingerprints to DPS as part of the complete LTC application and you will receive an email with personalized link to schedule fingerprints or you may visit Fingerprinting Services  and use Service Code: 119Q91 or call (888) 467-2080 and provide the Service Code 119Q91.

The cost for attending our new LTC class is $85 that is 4-6 hours as mandated by the state and a written examination with a passing score of 70% and demonstrate handgun proficiency with a semi or non-semi automatic and pass with a score of 70%.

Our classes start 9:00AM every Sunday, there are minimum of 6 and max 10 students for each class, follow the links above to start your application and do finger printing then please contact me to schedule you in our next available class.

Group and Private Training available, Posted fee is for Group trainnig and for Private trainnig & scheduling please contact me directly. 

Pay  Fee: $85


  • State of TX fees – Fees sent into the state of Texas with your application for your License to Carry (you must register within 2yrs of class completion) See State Fees for detailed pricing schedule.
  • Fingerprint fees – MUST be scheduled through state-approved vendor
  • RANG Fee / Gun /Ammo