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West Houston Firearms is a Class III dealer and manufacturer.


The FFL transfer process involves two Federally Licensed Firearm dealers (otherwise known as type 01 FFLs) shipping a firearm from one to the other. In order to complete the process, the shipping dealer has the legal responsibility of verifying that the receiving dealer is a legitimately licensed entity. This process involves exchanging paper or electronic copies of their licenses prior to the shipment of goods.

 ALL Firearms sales are “face to face”. Even though you bought the gun from someone in another state via the Internet, you will have to take possession of the gun from a local dealer. You will, of course, have to comply with all federal, state, and local requirements for owning a gun.


The purchase process:

Please verify that your local and state laws don’t prohibit you from owning the gun you want to purchase. It’s nobody’s responsibility but yours to figure that out.

Nowadays you can find dealers and individuals selling just about anything you desire to own in internet (LEGALLY). Once you and the seller have agreed on payment terms, you have to initiate the transfer by letting us know the seller contact information and the type of the gun you have purchased, Then we will contact the seller and provide them with all necessary documents that they may need. This exchange used to add a week or more to the process, but has been streamlined due to the ATF’s acceptance of email as a method of document transfer. Once the seller receives ours dealer’s license, he/she is then permitted to ship the gun to us. As soon as your firearms arrive, we will contact you.

The federal government mandates a NICS background check (with a few exceptions) and a form 4473. This part of the process is exactly like going into your local gun store and buying a gun from their shelf, with one exception… Since you have already paid for the firearm, You will only have to pay the $45 transfer fee.