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West Houston Firearms is a Class III dealer and manufacturer.

Firearms safety course

Here at West Houston Firearms we offer Firearms safety and function courses. We don't believe in accident when it comes to firearms, it is owner/handler’s negligence and only way to avoid it is by practice safety and get to know your firearms functions. Private classes for whole family who is interested in a very friendly and safe environment. First time Gun owners or planning to buy one, helping select the right firearm. If interested contact me here.  Read More

Firearms Transfer

ONLY FOR TEXAS CUSTOMER The FFL transfer process involves two Federally Licensed Firearm dealers (otherwise known as type 01 FFLs) shipping a firearm from one to the other. In order to complete the process, the shipping dealer has the legal responsibility of verifying that the receiving dealer is a legitimately licensed entity. This process involves exchanging paper or electronic copies of their licenses prior to the shipment of goods.  ALL Firearms sales are “face to face”. Even though you bought the gun from someone in another state via the Internet, you will have to take possession of the gun from a local dealer. You will, of course, have to comply with all federal, state, and local requirements for owning a gun.   The purchase pr...  Read More
West Houston Firearms is a Class III dealer and manufacturer.